Art Movements Jewelry

Art Movements Index Jewelry

Art Movements Index Jewelry get more information on this from You can view video clip on this Art Movements Index Jewelry – Art Movements Jewelry. Why read when you can watch the information.

Jewelry Tips: Platinum jewelry costs more than gold jewelry for good reasons: Compared to the common gold alloys, 22k gold or 18k gold, buyers get more precious metal with platinum jewelry. It could also be called “the new and improved white gold”–it is naturally white and stays that way (gold does not). Platinum jewelry does develop a patina that many think gives it a vintage jewelry feel and makes a great background for diamonds or other gems. Denser than gold, platinum is heavier and more durable; it holds gemstones more securely and is hypoallergenic. More rare than gold, it is something few people will ever own. Perhaps most important, platinum will not wear away; the bracelet, earrings, necklace or ring you buy today will be the same on your golden jubilee. (Perhaps we should change that to the platinum anniversary!)

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